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Monday, July 19, 2004

The Final Chapter in the Passionist Legacy

in the Archdiocese of Newark- a flashback

Blessed Dominic Barberi said during his life that if the Passionists changed their rule, he would cease to intercede for them in heaven. They have new constitutions and the rule of 1775 is treated as a dead letter. The consequences are clear.

St Thomas the Apostle, Harlem

No respect for the faithful: They arrived "only to find the building doors padlocked."

The Renovation Manipulation: Church Counter Renovation Handbook

Essential reading!

The Ecclesiastical Exemption in England- Robin Kent

An interesting article on the law as it relates to England on church conservation

The great Churches of Liverpool

...but how many have been closed by 'Pastoral Regeneration'?

The ultimate insult to the Faithful; close Churches and call it 'regeneration'


CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Church Property: "No one of these, not even the pope, has the power to alienate ecclesiastical property validly, without some proportionate reason "

And in the section on alienation, the four reasons to sell church property

Urgent necessity - maybe only possibly true if this money is going to be used for the court cases.

Manifest utility- certainly not

Piety - definitely not

Convenience - since when can a House of God be more trouble than it is worth!

Archdiocese of Berlin, Germany challenged by prospect of bankruptcy

A springtime for the Church; I think not