Saturday, December 31, 2005

Year's end

I thought it would be good to put up a few quotes that I have come across about Cathcon on the internet. Wishing everyone a happy and prayerful and above all Catholic New Year.

No idea what these people are saying about me

Not for the faint of heart

The Lord Baltimore of Blogyland. Veddy British...
Veddy Catholic. Pip, pip cherrio and all that rot. WHAT WHAT?!"

Catholic Church Conservation does find the wackiest liturgical photos

A site for sore souls

The Belgian media, along with their International, English-speaking counterparts, was remarkably silent, and it was only the Catholic Church Conservation blog that made the story available to the general public.

Catholic Church Conservation has interesting bits on information

The most depressing blog on the net

Right most of the time

Catholic Church Conservation, which is certainly my favorite web log

You rock!

Portland church property

tied to settlement

"A judge ruled Friday that the Catholic Archdiocese of Portland, not its parishes, owns church assets, dealing a major blow to its efforts to protect property from lawsuits filed by alleged victims of priest sex abuse."