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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Seven Sacraments


The Mass




Holy Orders

Extreme Unction

Please acknowledge Cathcon if using these images. Six of the seven normally take place in a Church. Contempt for the building is a symptom of contempt for the Sacraments.

See also for another series and the Seven Sacraments


of the older and better school at Lourdes. Date unknown.

Austen Ivereigh

a member of the Community of Sant'Egidio. When this quasi-Catholic group was established in the 1960s in Rome, they all thought of becoming Franciscans. The problem was that they did not manage to maintain celibacy. Seems Dr Ivereigh has the same problem.

Anglican position

on almost everything. At the place of the killing, they have replaced a realistic depiction of the martyrdom with an abstract piece of modern art. So much the less to trouble the Anglican conscience.

Anti-Euthanasia Campaign

Posters that can be used in campaigning


chipping away at the fullness of the Faith

Cathedral Heritage Foundation

together with the Passionist Earth and Spirit Center hopes to provide opportunities for people of all faiths to develop ecological consciousness as well as opportunities to get together for support, celebration and community."

So far from the spirit of the Founder, St Paul of the Cross.

Hail the Cross, our only hope!

Bishops rebel

as cardinal defends aide over affairs

Reality check - sack the guy.

The liberal inclinations of Mr Ivereigh has nothing to do with Catholic truth, but an attempt to justify his own shaky moral position.

The original article in the Mail.

We are a long way from St Alphonsus who gave up his legal career when he discovered that he had told an unwitting lie in a court of law.